University Tower Pavers

University Tower Pavers

University Tower

The University Tower is an 85-foot tower that is outside the Jeffery R Holland Building. The tower includes a beam of light shooting into the sky. Pavers will align the base surrounding the Tower with inspirational quotes sponsored by members of the community. Leave your mark on the paver of your choice around the tower. For more information view this newspaper flyer.


Letter From the President

March 1, 2014

Dear Friends,

We are only a few weeks away from the completion of a beautiful and avant-garde symbol of the new Dixie State University. It is our hope that University Tower and the light that emanates from it will serve as a beacon of enlightenment, learning, and knowledge to all who live in this beautiful valley and to any who may be passing through.


We should be inspired by its light to be lifelong learners who seek knowledge in order to be more wise, more understanding, more accepting, and more kind.

To that end, we invite you to choose a favorite quote or saying and have it inscribed on a paver to be placed around the base of the tower.

The tower, together with the shared wisdom found on the pavers, should invite each of us to look up, to raise our sights, and to be better prepared for service to family, community, and state.

The combined messages of light and wisdom will signal that here is a place to pursue educational dreams and prepare for a brighter tomorrow.


Stephen D. Nadauld, Ph.D.
Dixie State University

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