University Fund Form

University Fund Form

Participating in the University Fund through the automatic payroll deduction plan is a great way to make a contribution to your favorite scholarship and at the same time support our mission to provide quality educational programs for our students.

  • Donate to the general scholarship fund.
  • Donate to the scholarship or endowment of your choice.
  • All donations are tax deductible.
  • It is easy and every dollar counts.

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Donors who wish to provide financial assistance to Dixie State students may do so by specifying the General Scholarship Fund. Dixie State University has always prided itself in providing the most scholarship assistance of any other institution in Utah, mostly due to the generosity of our alumni and friends. Because these scholarship funds are not restricted to specific student situations, they are very useful in helping deserving students across a broad spectrum.
Please indicate which scholarship or endowment you wish to fund.