Judy Edwards

National Advisory Council

Judy was born and raised in Orem, Utah, is the mother of 7 children, 22 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren. She recently celebrated her 50th wedding anniversary with her husband, Bill. As a stay at home mom raising her 7 children she looked for creative and fun things to do. This lead to both Judy and Bill’s entrepreneurial spirit.

They worked together in several business ventures including: selling decorative boats to furniture companies, owning a feed commodity business and a Big O Tire store. She also started an internet business where she bought and sold collectibles online. From that experience she learned the marketing power of the internet. At the ripe age of 60 when most people are planning retirement she and Bill again bit the bullet and started a company, along with their son Bobby called “Squatty Potty”. They invented, patented and trademark small toilet stools and have recently branched out to other fun bathroom products. Although she does not work for the company on a day-to-day basis she is still very involved in new product line development, marketing and she maintains a seat on the board.

Judy has a passion for family history work and has volunteered at the Family History Center on and off for over 35 years