James Ashby

National Advisory Council

Dr. James Ashby is President and Founder of Edify Education Services, a California-based consulting and platform development firm specializing in learning measurement. Dr. Ashby founded Edify Education Services to offer research-based expertise to educational software companies and educational institutions. His company’s expertise is in the areas of digital assessment, business intelligence measurement, and integrated platform design. His firm has partnered with educational organizations and software companies to advance systemic implementations that support mass education learning goals.

Prior to founding Edify Education Services, Dr. James Ashby served as International President for CORE Education and Technologies where he supervised the production of services and tools for over 300 school systems in the U.S., U.K., India, Kenya, and the UAE. These government-funded projects involved the installation of digital assessment and instructional tools, development of new instructional platforms, and mass staff development in the use of web-based technologies for measuring learning outcomes. As Chief of Psychometrics for CORE ETL, Dr. Ashby created ipGrowth, CORE ETL’s ground-breaking computer adaptive assessment system that measured student academic growth using formative assessments.

Dr. Ashby has dedicated his research and practice to making assessment data relevant to the decision-making responsibilities of instructors and organizational leaders. Having worked closely with administrators and policymakers, he is known for identifying systemic practices and policies that act as barriers to student achievement. Dr. Ashby’s educational philosophy focuses on improving the cognitive development of every individual, regardless of origin, age, or ability.

Dr. Ashby’s professional background includes 20 years of service in public education in the roles of classroom teacher, Director of Curriculum, Director of Testing, Chief Accountability Officer, and Deputy Superintendent in public schools operating in Texas and Tennessee.

Dr. Ashby holds the B.S. degree in Mathematics, Master’s Degree in Educational Administration and Law and his doctoral studies were in the field of Educational Measurement and Research. He and his wife Kristin enjoy raising their five children in Aptos, California where every day is a day of full of excitement and discovery.