Bill Holzendorf

National Advisory Council

Currently the vice president of client experience at Bay Dynamics, Inc., Bill Holzendorf has spent more than 25 years in the software industry. In his position at Bay Dynamics, Bill is responsible for the ongoing care of customers who have implemented their enterprise security with behavior analytics software solutions. He works daily with many Fortune 100 executives to ensure their IT security risks are identified, remediated, and avoided in the future. Prior to joining the Bay Dynamics team, Bill was a senior director at Symantec. In that role, he stewarded the development and implementation of a global program that replaced a $270 million divestiture and linked more than 300 skilled partners with thousands of needy customers. Bill was responsible for building and growing a consulting organization at Altiris, Inc. before he worked for Symantec. Among his many responsibilities, he oversaw a global advisory council that consisted of executives from across the globe. Under Bill’s leadership, his organization grew to handling more than $24 million within the first three years. Altiris was ultimately purchased by Symantec in 2007. Bill was part of the global team responsible for the integration of the two companies. The son of a military officer, Bill spent most of his younger years in Hawaii, Guam, and Washington State. He holds a bachelor’s degree in information systems from BYU-Hawaii and an MBA from the University of Phoenix. He has been married for 28 years and has three children and one grandchild.