Holland Patio Legacy Pavers

The legacy paver project is our way of inviting all people, at any level of income, to leave their legacy on campus.This is a perfect way to acknowledge your friendship and support for Dixie State University. Legacy pavers will beautify and enhance the campus today, and be viewed by many for years to come. These natural cut stone pavers (10”x16”) will be engraved with your desired information and installed as part of the memorial plaza areas around campus (limited supply available). This is a unique, once in a lifetime opportunity to be connected in such a personal way to Dixie State.

Pavers may be purchased online using the form below or by mail or in person at the Dixie State University Development Office located in the Burns Office Complex, adjoining the Burns Arena on campus. In an effort to make this opportunity accessible to as many people as possible, we are excited to be able to offer these timeless legacy pavers at a cost of $600 ea.

Once the pavers are installed you will be notified of the location of your pavers.

If you have any questions, please contact Brooke Sullivan at (435) 879-4400.