Patricia Terry Holland

Public & College Service

Patricia Terry Holland (1942- )

In a way very different from some students over the years, Patricia Terry Holland "played" her way through grade school then Dixie High School, Dixie College, BYU and beyond. A gifted musician by birth, Pat began playing the piano before starting off to school, accompanying the singing of classmates as early as the third grade in her native Enterprise, Utah. While at Dixie High and Dixie College, she accompanied musical performances of every kind, including one of Professor Marion Bentley's legendary Dixie College musicals, Kismet. Recognizing her singing talent as well, Professor Bentley cast her in a leading role in his 1960 production of The Boy Friend. It is not surprising that at Dixie College, where Pat served as a class officer, she was voted Dixie's Outstanding Musical Student.

When her real-life boyfriend, Dixie's own Jeff Holland, left for an LDS mission, Pat seized the opportunity to stretch her musical wings in New York City, studying under faculty members at the famed Julliard School of Music. When Jeff returned from his mission there was something of a battle for Pat's loyalty. Her teachers put immense pressure on her to keep the starry prospects of Carnegie Hall and pursue a full-blown musical career in New York. Jeff put equal pressure on her to come back to Utah, get married and see what the rest of their lives might be together. Jess was the more persuasive. "I made the right decision," Pat has told literally millions of young women throughout her LDS Church travels. "I love my music and I will always have it. But I might not have had some of the other incredible blessings in my life if I had paid too high a price for schoolgirl fame. God wants us to stay balanced and see the big picture when we face decisions in our lives. I have tried to do that." In her service as First Counselor in the General Presidency of the Young Women program loved by teenage girls all over the world. In that capacity, as well as being he First Lady of Brigham Young University and the wife of an LDS Apostle, Pat has traveled literally "around the world," speaking in scores of countries and having her messages translated into dozens of languages. She lived in England for three years and Chile for two, showing Dixie-style love and affection for every person she has ever met and every economic circumstance in which that wide variety of people lived. Along with many civic duties and educational assignments, Pat found the time to write the award-winning book, A Quiet Heart. She also co-authored with her husband a second book, On Earth as it is in Heaven. She has served on the governing boards of ZCMI, Deseret Book Company, and the Primary Children's Regional Medical Center, all based in Salt Lake City. One of her most personally rewarding assignments is to have served on the Dixie College National Advisory Council. Due to time and travel commitments stemming from her husband's calling, she regretfully had to decline Governor Jon Huntsman's recent invitation to serve on the Dixie State College Board of Trustees. Pat is the daughter of Maeser and Marilla Terry, long time Dixie citizens who both recently passed away. Her greatest joy and deepest satisfaction in life has been being the mother of three children - Matthew, Mary Alice, and David - and the grandmother of thirteen grandchildren.