Max H. Rose


Max H. Rose (1944-)

Max H. Rose is from St. George, Utah, and currently serves as Superintendent of the Washington County School District and is a member of the DSC Board of Trustees. He is also a former vice president of Academic Services at DSC, and was a professor of math and chemistry. Max was born and reared in neighboring Garfield County in the small town of Henrieville as one of 14 children. After graduating from Bryce Valley High School, he earned degrees in math and chemistry, receiving his Bachelor’s degree at Southern Utah University, his Master’s degree at Utah State University and his Ph.D. at Brigham Young University.

Max came to Dixie College in 1972, and discovered at the very beginning of his career the terrific nature of the college. He had the satisfaction of seeing the campus expand from the earliest small buildings with exterior entrances to the larger, enclosed buildings and full landscaping. Max said, “Especially wonderful over the years have been the incredible students at Dixie State College!” He caught the famous “Dixie Spirit” and was involved with that mystical force throughout his career. The college relationships he developed over the years will surely last forever. Dr. Rose was named DSC’s Professor of the Year five times, was honored as Educator of the Year by the St. George Area Chamber of Commerce, and received an Innovation Award for Education by the United States Congress for work done in the early years of tele-learning. Max has served as a leader in his church in many capacities and in the community in multiple assignments. He served as chairman of both the Dixie Center and the Dixie Regional Medical Center Governing Board. Max and his wife, Kathy, are parents of three children and have three grandchildren. His children are all alumni of Dixie State College.