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Franklin D. Richards Jr. & Kathryn Lloyd Richards


Franklin D. Richards Jr. (1927-) & Kathryn Lloyd Richards (1942- )

Frank is the son of Franklin D. Richards and Helen Kearns Richards. He was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he lived until he was 14 years old. He attended high school in Silver Spring, Maryland, and college at George Washington University for two years.

He flew in Navy blimps as part of the Lighter-than-Air division of the U.S. Naval Aviation before serving a mission for his church in Uruguay. Frank then completed a degree in banking and finance at the University of Utah and earned a graduation certificate from the School of Mortgage and Banking at Northwestern University.

Frank was involved in the mortgage banking business for 40 years and was a principal officer and board chairman of Richards Woodbury Mortgage Corp. Frank also has been active in real estate development and the breeding and training of cutting horses.

Kathy was born in Salt Lake City to Sherman P. Lloyd and Edith Ann Gunn, who instilled in her an appreciation for politics and fine arts. She developed a love for all kinds of music and enjoys playing the piano and organ. She believes the arts are what make us complete as people, enhance our process of learning, improve our emotional expression, and help us acquire an appreciation for diversity. The Richards have started a collection of Utah art, which they add to yearly from purchases made at the Dixie Art Show.

The Kathryn Lloyd Richards Sculpture Garden, located north of the Dolores Dorè Eccles Fine Arts Center, is the result of the vision and support of the Richards. The garden is a beautiful and peaceful place that complements the existing architecture and surroundings. The sculpture garden provides a refuge from the quick page of everyday life and allows students and visitors to recharge and connect with nature.

Frank and Kathy live on a farm in Park City, Utah. Frank was elected count commissioner for Summit County and both Frank and Kathy served on the bid committee for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. The Richards frequent St. George, where they spend time with family and friends and love to ride horses. They have eight children and 27 grandchildren, whom they consider their greatest blessing.