Earl J. Bleak

Fine and Performing Arts

Earl J. Bleak (1893-1971)

Earl J. Bleak, a native of St. George, was an incredible music teacher and a virtuoso on the trumpet. He graduated with honors from the Conservatory of Music in Los Angeles, Calif.

After his graduation, he returned to his hometown of St. George where for a period of 33 years, he was head of the Band and Orchestra Department at Dixie College. Being accomplished on the trumpet as well as several other instruments, he performed much himself as well as conducting others. His band was featured as the dedications of Zion National Park, Zion Park Lodge and Grand Canyon Lodge at Bright Angel Point. His Dixie College Orchestra played for the Crown Prince of Sweden when he was touring Zion National Park and his band played for United States President Warren G. Harding when he visited Zion Park. When Earl played the famous trumpet solo in the Messiah in the Salt Lake Tabernacle, the Deseret News noted “The Trumpet Obligato, played by Professor Bleak of St. George, was negotiated more successfully than has been done for many years. It was the striking passage of the performance.” Earl’s life was a colorful one and one known for his good works and untiring efforts. He and his wife, the former Stella Christian, are the parents of one son and one daughter.