Douglas V. Allred


Douglas V. Allred (1934- )

Douglas was born in Ephraim, Utah. Although he didn't know it then, life would lead him to the ball fields, courts, and classrooms at Dixie College. Here, his hard work, dedication, and leadership laid the foundation for the institution's rich legacy of athletic excellence.

After graduating from both Snow High School and Snow College, he attended Colorado State University, where he played baseball and basketball and earned a bachelor's degree in physical education. He then returned to Utah and completed work on a master's degree in physical education and sociology at Utah State University. Doug's career in coaching and education began at Delta High School, where he spent six years on the sidelines and in the classroom mentoring students. He then set his sights on Dixie and relocated to St. George in 1963, when he was hired by President Arthur Bruhn to take over the basketball program and teach sociology. Over the next 15 years, Coach Allred established the Dixie College men's basketball program and as player on the national stage - a status the team still enjoys more than 50 years later. Ask him what he is most proud of, and he'll tell you, "I took the first team from Dixie College to the NJCAA National Tournament in Hutchinson, Kansas." His Rebel teams won the NJCAA Region One championship twice and won four Intermountain Collegiate Athletic Conference (ICAC) titles during his tenure. Not only did his players perform on the court, they also got the job done in the classroom. Doug is proud that he never had a student declared academically ineligible. Doug eventually left the bench and was named Dixie's athletic director, a position he held for 18 years. He was part of the Dixie fabric for more than 30 years, both as an educator and a coach. In 2009, Doug was inducted into the Dixie State Athletic Hall of Fame. "Dixie College was unusually good to me," Allred said. "It provided me with very good experiences. We got great support from the city of St. George and surrounding communities, which left me with a lot of fond memories. My emotional ties to Dixie run deep and my blood runs Dixie red." Doug and his wife, Elaine, are the parents of four children, all of whom attended Dixie and still live in the St. George area.