Blair Wellington McDonald

Social Science & Humanities

Blair Wellington McDonald (1914-2000)

Blair Wellington McDonald was born and brought up in Salt Lake City where he graduated from East High School as senior class president.

After high school he went to work for his father, J.G. McDonald at the J.G. McDonald Chocolate Factory on West 3rd South. The work ethic was strong in the McDonald household and Wellington often found himself working 14 hour days, first as an employee and then as manager of the Factory, and after he sold it, he became president of the Western Nut Company, which he built from a “hole in the wall” to a modern, successful factory. Wellington recalls that period in the 1950’s as "the best part of my life" – to start from nothing and build up. Community service has been as much a part of his life as hard work. As vice president of the Salt Lake City JCs, he was one of those who organized the Christmas Parade that multitudes have enjoyed the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Wellington was also president of the South Salt Lake JCs and served vigorously in the Kiwanis and the Sentinel Clubs. After years of work and service and raising their kids in Salt Lake, the McDonalds moved to Bloomington when the fields were beautiful with wildflowers and lots of small creatures, and there were only eight homes. Wellington remembers with fondness that he was #3 at the Golf Club. The McDonalds’ allegiance to St. George is especially evident in their gifts to Dixie State College, where the McDonald Center – the building housing the studies of Social Science, Humanities and Composition – bears their name.