Arthur Knight Hafen

Social Science and Humanities

Arthur Knight Hafen (1888-1972)

Arthur Knight Hafen was born and raised in Santa Clara, Utah, and spent his early years on his father’s farm. He attended Branch Normal School (SUU) in Cedar City and later received A.B. degree (1912) and a master’s degree from Brigham Young University. He also did graduate work at the University of California at Berkeley, the University of Southern California, and the University of New Mexico.

As superintendent of schools in Washington County in 1914, in addition to his teaching duties at the St. George Stake Academy, he visited every school in the county, traveling in a black-top buggy pulled by two bay mares. During his term, schools in Utah were consolidated, which meant he had to choose between the position of superintendent and teacher. He chose to teach and subsequently taught 40 years, 39 of them at Dixie College. He served as head of the English and Modern Languages Department, director of the Division of Humanities, and teacher of English, German and Spanish. His contest-winning school song was published in 1924, and remains the official Dixie College song today, bringing a lump to the throat of every alumnus who hears its rousing introduction and nostalgic melody. He married Orilla Woods in 1912 and they are the parents of 14 children.