Andrew Karl Larson

Social Science & Humanities

Andrew Karl Larson (1899-1983)

Andrew Karl Larson was a teacher, author, poet and artist. He spent 42 years teaching in Utah’s Dixie. He taught literature, art, drama, band, history, science and anything else he was asked. He was principal of Washington Elementary School. After his move from Hurricane to Dixie College, he served as head of the History Department until his retirement in 1965.

Karl devoted his later life to recording the history of the Dixie area. His first book was Red Hills of November, which was published in 1957, for the centennial celebration of his native Washington City. Other books that followed were I Was Called to Dixie, published in 1961; Erastus Snow, 1971; Erastus Beman Snow, 1974; The Education of a Second Generation Swede, 1979; Diary of Charles Lowell Walker, 1981; and his last book was entitled Lines to Judith, his collection of poetry written for friends and family. Karl loved Dixie College with all his heart, mind and soul. Andrew Karl Larson and his wife, Katharine Miles Larson, were truly part of the wonderful “Dixie Spirit” that they espoused. They have one daughter.